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re: Simplicity - It’s pretty amazing how little you need to live. Make time for close friends, family, meaningful work, creative expression, physical challenge, travel and frivolity. Cut out the unnecessary things and all of a sudden life is quite manageable. You have to start by saying no,…



In the product group at HubSpot there are two guiding principles to building amazing products, they come from David Cancel and he’s 100% right in my experience:

  1. Be customer-driven
  2. Show meaningful progress

Each of these means different things at different stages in the product…


Warmest Valentine’s Wishes to all Lovers, whoever they decide to Love and however they like to do it.

Giphographer Thierry Van Biesen

Styled by Sylvie Portugal

In order of appearance:

1• Strass Body and Tutu by On Aura Tout Vu, Glitter shoes by Walter SteigerTop and skirt by Naco, rigid Beret by House of Flora, shoes by Walter Steiger

2• total looks by Smalto

3• Her: dress by Lanvin for H&M, shoes by Walter Steiger                          Him: shirt, tie, jacket and shoes by Smalto

Produced at Anita Kitchen 

Make-Up and Hair by Sebastien Poirier

Special thanks to Lionel Samain and Aurora Dardenne


Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re working with Discovery Communications — whom you might recognize as the parent company of The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet — to offer our courses on their brand new destination for online learning —

A major…


Today we launched a brand new version of Read It Later (now named Pocket). As a part of this update we have made all of our apps free.

This is a big change to how we’ve operated in the past and I wanted to give some more insight into the decision. Personally, I always like to know how the…